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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does Florida Pharmacy work?

Florida Pharmacy is a modern pharmacy that serves as an intercessor between the doctor and the patient, doctors and pharmacies work together to streamline and optimize the process of delivery for the benefit of the patient. This serves to simplify and make getting your prescription and medication easier, eliminating time spent going back and forth between doctor’s office and pharmacy.

Q. Who can use Florida Pharmacy services?

Florida Pharmacy provides its services to every patient in need of our services. We are enabling our service in partnership with networks of clinics to be able to provide our services to a wider variety of people. Our services are also available in hospitals, specialty care and urgent care offices. Florida Pharmacy plans to provide its services to the entirety of the United States. However, currently you can check whether we service your state.

Q. How much do Florida Pharmacy’s services cost?

Our delivery is completely free!

Q. Is Florida Pharmacy safe?

Your information will always be safe with us. We store all of your personal data in an encrypted HIPAA-compliant environment. We employ a secure and trained team of licensed pharmacists and technicians, and contain all the required licenses for running Florida Pharmacy.

Q. How do I transfer refills from my old pharmacy to Florida Pharmacy?​

Transferring a prescription to Florida Pharmacy is an easy and fast process Visit our website or give phone/text us at (813) 461-7012. ​​

Q. Where is Florida Pharmacy located and where do you deliver?

We are located in Newport Richey, Posco Country, Florida and provide deliveries throughout the state of Florida.

Q. When will Florida Pharmacy deliver my prescription?

We deliver in most cases on the same day as the day we receive the order! If we receive your prescription after business hours, we will deliver the next working day.

Q. Does Florida Pharmacy accept my insurance?

Yes. We accept all major insurance plans, including government-administered plans, and always work to get you the lowest price.

Q. Do you deliver controlled substances?

Yes. For controlled substances, we will need to verify your identification before we deliver.

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