We understand that there is nothing like one size fits all solution. Every person is unique and thus, requires special attention depending on his or her situation. Therefore, our staff open heartedly welcomes every individual who visits our pharmacy, and is ready to help them with their specific needs with a wide range of products and services.

Our primary motive is to render the utmost professional and personal quality of service that our customers expect from us as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our extensive array of services includes

We specialize in Durable Medical Equipment needs for long-term care facilities. We render various services and equipments that are valuable to treat various chronic as well as complex health conditions.

DME (Durable Medical Equipment)

  • Canes
  • Crutches
  • Incontinence Items
  • Walkers
  • Rollators
  • Wheelchair
  • Bath Safety
  • Lift Chairs


Patients who require specialty medications deserve special and personal attention. The high costs of specialty drugs, unfamiliar ways of administration and fears about possible side effects are often overwhelming for patients, therefore, keeping the requirements in mind our expert pharmacists are trained and ready to help in a specialized way.


Compounding is the science and art of preparing customized medications that fit individual's needs and solve any particular problem. Compounding pharmacists work together with prescribers and their patients to decide on the most appropriate therapy for each individual. This Rx Compounding works as a problem solver because here patient, physician and pharmacist all work together to solve patient's unique health needs.


This Hormone Replacement Therapy works to balance your hormones and encourage healthy aging. Here, we review and evaluate the severity and frequency of symptoms and suggest required bio-identical hormone restoration therapy. With proper modification, adjustment, and titration, the benefits of HRT far outweigh the risks.

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